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My Grandmother, Willie Sue Pierson McLeod (Nanny, to me) was born in the rural southern part of Sumter County. My grandparents made their living in the industries of timber and cotton and were severely affected by the Great Depression. After financial devastation, they relocated the city of Sumter where my great grandmother found herself working in the kitchens of local boarding houses.

When my grandmother was growing up, she inherited her mother's talents the kitchen. Fortunately for me, before her death, she was able to pass her knowledge of work ethic down to me. She taught me so much, and I have a great amount of respect and affection for her, more than any woman I have ever known. I still miss her but with this restaurant I hope to honor her and show how much she really meant to me. She has been my inspiration behind Willie Sue's, and I hope that her memory will live on through this homage to a wonderful woman.

I hope that everyone is able to see the amount of hard work and dedication from me, as well as from my team in my efforts to make this place something of quality and character that she could be very proud of. Thank you for visiting, and I truly hope you enjoy yourself and come back often.

​ Thanks,
Ricky McLeod


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